Dips for Meat Fondues

Selection of Dips

A wide variety of dips and sauces can be used with meat fondues and these days can be purchased ready made from supermarkets, either in jars or fresh and refrigerated. Each fondue should be accompanied with a selection of 4-6 varieties. Here are our suggestions.

Batter dip

With a Fondue Bourguinonne, meats, poultry, fish and vegetables can also be dipped in a batter just prior to cooking in the pot. Make sure that the item is dry before dipping. Here is our suggestion for a beer batter.

Sieve the flour. Add salt and pepper. Beat in the egg. Add the beer, whisking until smooth. If you prefer, you could substitute cold fizzy mineral water instead of beer. For variety, curry or spices can be added to the batter mix.


As with any form of cooking, meats, poultry, fish for Fondue Bourguinonne or chinoise could be marinated (i.e. soaked before use) for a few hours. Marinades are a mixture of wine, vinegar, oil, lemon juice, herbs, spices, garlic etc. The varieties are too numerous to list here, but we suggest that you "borrow" the marinades from other cooking recipes that might take your fancy or experiment with your favourite herbs and spices.

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